Sienna Brown

Cloudy Days

By Alicia Carranza

Pictures by Jason Tillero

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On April 9 in Lacey, the dark, heavy clouds hid the sun and threatened to burst with rain. Although it was already 7 in the morning and Sienna Brown knows she should be getting ready, she still lay in bed. The warmth and safety of her bed comforted her and invited her to stay longer. Sienna shut her eyes and in the darkness wished the day to go by quick. Before she could open her eyes, the sun peaked from behind the clouds and entered through her bedroom window. The sun’s gentle rays lay on her eyes and allowed a light red to replace the midnight black.

Editor-in-chief of the Timberline High School newspaper “The Blazer,” Sienna Brown is one of the many teenagers who battle major depression disorder, chronic anxiety and a slight personality disorder.

“I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety since the fourth or fifth grade,” Brown said.

Her mental illnesses do not stop Brown from performing her favorite and daily activities such as writing. In fact, Brown accepts the challenge and combats her depression with positive energy.“The sun is up and it’s going to be a good day,” Brown said.

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Bio Box

· Name: Sienna Brown

· School: Timberline High School

· Position: Editor-in-chief/ The Blazer[/perfectpullquote]

On the surface it may appear that Brown has everything all figured out but her conscious begs to differ.

“Often times it seems like the whole world is just darkness,” Brown said. “Sometimes it seems like there is no light. And it’s really intimidating… It’s really easy to believe it’s not worth it.”

Without the support of her family and close friends, Sienna may not have fought back so hard. One friend helped Brown see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“Vicky. What a gal,” Brown said. “She was the light in my whole life.”

Vicky Domon taught Brown to always smile and see the bright side of things. This is something that Brown intends to pass down to her friends and family. With a big smile and a skip in her step, Brown says, “The sun will rise and we will try again. And that if I can tell anyone anything it’s that there is always another opportunity… Even if things are not going okay the sun will come up and you will have another opportunity to make it right.”

Things don’t have to be so dark and frightening, like ominous rain clouds looming in the sky. Sienna smiles knowing that should she can always find the bright side of things no matter what her inner demons say.